Arisfor® introduces Arisfor Retarder and Arisfor Patch Kit

Arisfor® is excited and proud to introduce two new products, Arisfor Retarder and Arisfor Patch Kit, to our product line.

Existing Arisfor products, ToughDeck® and WallGuard®, are known for their superior adhesion and durability while also being easy to apply with quick dry times. Our new addition to this product line is the Arisfor Retarder. The Retarder is especially useful when using WallGuard and ToughDeck systems on larger projects that may require longer working times. The new Arisfor Retarder additive makes working with ToughDeck and WallGuard even easier by extending the work times to fit the customer’s individual project needs.

Arisfor now has a product designed specifically for smaller scale repair projects. Get the durable, long-lasting and easy to use benefits that come with WallGuard and ToughDeck systems by using the new Arisfor Patch Kit. The Patch Kit can be used to restore indoor, outdoor, horizontal and vertical surfaces in need of quick and easy remediation. The uniquely formulated adhesive coating is both abrasion and impact resistant perfect for a variety of applications.

Arisfor, LLC is excited about the problem solving capabilities of the new Patch Kit and Retarder and have no doubt that these products will provide superior performance. As always, Arisfor, LLC continues to strive to provide customers with the highest quality products while continuing to innovate into the future.