Best Things to Buy in April

When it comes to spring purchases, staples like flowy tops, spring break excursions and updates for the home are all must-haves. In order to not break the bank this season, RetailMeNot, a leading savings destination, has done the research and found the top categories that garner the best savings this month.

Spring Apparel

Spring apparel and accessories prove to be great purchases this month because historical price comparisons show that these items are often discounted close to 32% off the original price. “Spring clothing has been in the stores for a couple of months now, and the rule of thumb is that every two months, retailers tend to discount what items they still have in order to make room for the next round of inventory,” says RetailMeNot shopping and trends expert Sara Skirboll. “As the weather gets warmer, retailers will need to shift their offerings from spring to summer, so expect a lot of savings on spring items and essentials.”


Spring breakers have their eyes on rest and relaxation this April, and booking spring and summer trips now is a good idea in order to get the best deals. About 6 in 10 (61%) people say they plan to take a vacation between now and September of this year, with just 1 in 10 saying they’d take three or more vacations. “According to our most recent survey, the top vacation activities include going to the beach (52%), road tripping (43%) and visiting an amusement/theme park (36%),” adds Skirboll.

Spring Cleaning

Of course, not everyone is looking to get away. Some are ready to start the spring season with a clean house. Vacuums and other cleaning necessities are heavily discounted in April to help tackle spring cleaning projects. “If you’re weary of disposing of items you may need later, like holiday decor and Halloween costumes, organization is key,” says Skirboll. Baskets and plastic bins are perfect for organizing items by theme. “It keeps everything in one easy place and simple to find.”

Spring isn’t just a time to dust or vacuum, it’s also a time to simplify and declutter. Gather all of your old electronics, books and knickknacks and consider donating to a local charity or organization.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Planning to host an outdoor get-together for Easter, Mother’s Day or graduation? Look out for great deals on lighting, patio furniture and other entertaining needs that are sure to wow guests. According to RetailMeNot internal data, discounts in April range anywhere from 20% to 30% off on outdoor furniture and colorful accents like outdoor pillows and throw rugs, with the deepest discounts falling on the second week of the month.

Survey Methodology

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