Launch of Alto, America’s First Advantage Club for People with Disabilities

Alto, America’s first advantage club for people with disabilities and their families announces its launch today. Alto is designed to be the essential consumer destination for the 57 million Americans living with disability. It offers exclusive savings on the products and services that people with disabilities need and want to improve their quality of life.

The launch includes more than 1,000 aggregated exclusive savings and benefits on everything from mobility products to daily living, insurance and travel. Members of the Alto Advantage Club will be able to find and buy products with greater ease than ever before and save hundreds of dollars a year.

‘It is incredible that until now this powerful consumer group has been largely ignored by countless retailers. Finding the appropriate resources for people with disabilities is often emotionally draining and time consuming for people and their families. It is so refreshing to see a business endeavor that is catering to this market by curating and centralizing the very best products at competitive prices to help people living with disabilities in every aspect of their lives’ David Small Executive Director, Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Alto is a recent graduate of NFX. It was developed by the founders of global empowerment site and online community, Yoocan , which launched last year after graduating from the Microsoft Accelerator program. Its founders have been chosen to present their vision at the prestigious Impact Network convention for social technologies impacting change in the world on March 30th in Paris.

“We are determined to unify and empower this consumer group in the same way that advantage clubs like AARP for seniors and veterans’ clubs like USAA deliver benefits and savings worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to their communities,” said Moshe Gaon, CEO of Alto. “It is personal for me, as my family has experienced the very challenges we seek to overcome with Alto and we are striving to develop something that will provide benefits and advantages for families with disabilities like never before.”

Alto is the creation of brothers Moshe and Yoav Gaon and Dror Kalisky. When Yoav’s son Erez was born with a rare disease and complex disabilities the family experienced immense frustration and emotional stress. They sought solutions that would allow their child and family to do basic things like cycle, travel or find an accessible restaurant. They realized how much potential technology and help there was available around the world but how scattered it was, how hard to find or buy.

They began to research and engage with organizations for people with disabilities and reach out to community members around the world. Then they launched yoocan, the global empowerment site for people with disabilities and their families to share stories, educate and motivate each other to do anything.

From here emerged the great demand for a vertical membership club that could aggregate and bring benefits and savings to this huge community.

Alto aims to source and offer the very best, cutting edge products and technology for 57 million Americans with disabilities who have thus far been entirely overlooked as an important consumer group.

Alto is America’s first advantage club for people with disabilities and their families. It offers its members the very best value on the products they need to maximize their quality of life with benefits and savings worth hundreds of dollars a year. Alto empowers the 57 million Americans living with disabilities and their families, who have until now been overlooked as an important consumer group, to find the best products at the fairest prices.