LumaGlo Crossbelt, Wearable Illumination for Unparalleled Nighttime Safety

LumaGlo, designer of wearable nighttime safety gear, announced the retail availability of the Crossbelt. Providing 360° wearable illumination, the Crossbelt allows outdoor lovers to remain safe in their environments well after sunset. LumaGlo’s modern design replaces construction-style vests and neon suspenders with a clean, technology-centric aesthetic. The Crossbelt can now be purchased at

The functionality of the Crossbelt makes it a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts. Runners, cyclists, walkers, dog owners, commuters, and children can now easily be spotted on the move, reducing the chance of being struck while offering peace of mind.

The Crossbelt offers 360° visibility, illuminating users from all directions, going far beyond standard front and back lighting. The Crossbelt’s ultra-bright, multi-colored LEDs function in eight patterns and allow wearers to be seen from blocks away. Its patent-pending automatic brake light feature utilizes an integrated accelerometer to alert others when the wearer stops by automatically causing the LEDs to switch to a strobing bright red pattern. Further, in the event of an emergency situation, a bright red strobe setting can be activated.

With the ability to be worn as a belt or a sash, the Crossbelt caters to any outdoor activity. Available in two sizes, the Crossbelt fits over bulky clothing, backpacks, and bags. Rain and freezing temperatures are no match for its rugged materials and design, and consumers can recharge the Crossbelt with the included micro USB cable (each charge lasts 3-6 hours).

The Crossbelt is now available for $49.95 at