MechOptix Introduces Stoptix Automatic Bicycle Brake Light

Jeff Hammock, CEO of MechOptix Inc., had too many close calls while riding his motorcycle.  The brake light did not illuminate when downshifting or engine braking, the common way to slow your motorcycle.  MechOptix solves this problem with an automatic brake light, Stoptix, as a replacement bulb.   “A group of customers we had not considered, bicyclists, asked us for Stoptix technology in a bicycle light and we delivered,” stated Hammock.  “We also added features that make our light superior to the “blinky” lights currently available on the market.”  MechOptix is a sensor company focused on safety on and near the roadway.

Stoptix Bicycle Brake Lights have a uniformly illuminated octagon-shaped face with a larger effective area than most bike lights.  The 140 degrees wide angle of the 50 lumens light is actually visible up to 180 degrees.  It is water resistant and has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.  Battery life is 11 hours for Flashing Mode, 14 hours for Tail Mode and 6 hours for Tail+Flash Mode.  The flash pattern changes slightly making you and your bike more visible, similar to the flashing lights on emergency vehicles.  Automatic.  Smart.

You need a rear light that automatically illuminates when you brake or slow down, especially if you are riding in a peloton while road cycling or hit obstacles on the trail when mountain biking.  An accelerometer measures the decreasing speed or deceleration (g-force), and triggers the light to illuminate.  “We used our team’s extensive sensor experience to develop g-force triggering logic far more advanced than what has been used in similar products,” said Hammock.  Stoptix does not illuminate due to hard pedaling or a bumpy road.   It is the first bicycle automatic brake light that automatically recalibrates for downhill angle.

Units shipped to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia before being listed on Amazon.  The retail price is $69.95.

You are cycling for fitness, to enjoy the company of friends, and escape from the grind.  You should be able to look forward to the road or trail ahead of you and not worry about being hit from the rear.   Remember to slow down [carefully] and enjoy cycling!  Stoptix has your back.