BLACK+DECKER powered kitchen and bathroom scrubbers, GrimeBuster, GrimeBuster Pro and ScumBuster Pro

BLACK+DECKE’s powered kitchen and bathroom scrubbers for cleaning without all the work. The GrimeBuster™, GrimeBuster™ Pro, and ScumBuster® Pro motorize scrubbing in order to agitate surface materials, eliminating the typical “elbow grease” that manual cleaning requires.

The GrimeBuster™ ($14.99 MSRP) and GrimeBuster™ Pro ($29.99 MSRP) quickly clean kitchen surfaces, dirty pots and pans, sinks, microwaves, and more. They are lightweight and each feature an ergonomic design. With a slip-resistant grip, they are also submersible in water. Each scrubber comes with two dishwasher-safe scrubbing attachments – one with a non-scratch sponge and one with nylon bristles. Heavy-duty sponge and bristle brush attachments will be sold separately. The GrimeBuster™ is powered by four included alkaline batteries. The GrimeBuster™ Pro has added features, including a longer handle and a charging dock that powers its long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery. The attractively designed GrimeBuster™ Pro can be left on the counter on its charging base until it’s time to clean again.

The ScumBuster® Pro ($34.99 MSRP) is ideal for cleaning bathtubs, glass shower doors, tight floor spaces, and other bathroom areas. A removable telescoping pole will be sold separately and can be added to the ScumBuster® Pro to help access hard-to-reach areas, both high and low. The scrubber is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery and comes with a charging base that can be mounted onto the wall or simply sit on the counter. The ScumBuster® Pro comes with a general purpose cleaning pad and a scouring pad with additional replacement pads sold separately.

Available in October 2017 where BLACK+DECKER products are sold, all powered scrubbers are backed by a two year limited warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.