CytoSport, Inc. Launches New MUSCLE MILK® Protein Bars

CytoSport, Inc., a leading sports nutrition company and maker of MUSCLE MILK® premium protein products, announced today the launch of their new line of protein bars, expanding their portfolio of products which includes protein shakes and powders. MUSCLE MILK® protein bars are available in 12 unique flavors with either 15 or 20 grams of high quality protein.

“The MUSCLE MILK® brand is synonymous with great taste, and our new protein bars certainly deliver on that promise,” said Greg N. Longstreet, president and chief executive officer of CytoSport, Inc. “Inspired by favorite ice cream flavors, each bar offers creamy and crunchy textures with a whipped soft layer, a truly unique experience for our consumers who enjoy eating their protein on the go. They’re a great snack or meal replacement, and offer quality protein to fuel workouts and support recovery.”

MUSCLE MILK® protein bars are available in six flavors with 15 grams of protein featured in blue packaging including Birthday Cake, Cookies ‘N Cream, Double Rocky Road, Lemon Bliss, Mint Cookie Crunch and Peanut Butter Cookie. Each blue bar option is fully coated, naturally flavored, gluten free and contains 190 or fewer calories.

Birthday Cake- Whipped and creamy nougat meets birthday cake with a sprinkled yogurt flavored frosting celebration.
Cookies ‘N Cream- Delicious combination of creamy whipped center with crunchy cookies, coated in smooth chocolatey richness.
Double Rocky Road- Fluffy marshmallows and crunchy almonds wrapped in creamy milk chocolate flavored richness.
Lemon Bliss- Refreshing lemon bursts with layers of creamy and crumbly lemon bar dessert deliciousness.
Mint Cookie Crunch- This bar explodes with refreshment with a melty mint soft layer mixed with chocolatey richness.
Peanut Butter Cookie- Delightful creamy roasted peanut layers with crunchy cookie mix-ins.

The bars are also available in six flavors with 20 grams of protein featured in red packaging including Almond Cookie, Blueberry Waffle Cone, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Fudge Brownie, Raspberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. Each red bar option is fully coated, naturally flavored, gluten free and contains 250 or fewer calories.

Almond Cookie- Deliciously decadent nougat center coated with crunchy almonds, with a hint of vanilla, coated in smooth white frosting
Blueberry Waffle Cone- Pillow soft center with real blueberries, topped off with a delicate yogurt flavored coating.
Chocolate Peanut Butter- Rich and creamy roasted peanut flavored center, topped with crushed peanuts and dipped in milk chocolate flavored coating.
Double Fudge Brownie- Double chocolatey goodness with creamy and crunchy layers and a rich milk chocolate flavored coating.
Raspberry Cheesecake- Creamy and soft nougat center with real fruit pieces covered in a smooth, craveable coating.
Salted Caramel- Mouthwatering salted caramel nougat center with sweet and salty crunchy flavor explosions, with a creamy white coating.