Frank D’Angelo’s film The Neighborhood is Coming to Theatres in August 2017

After screening to a sellout audience for it’s world premiere at the ICFF Film Festival in Toronto, followed by a second screening added because of popular demand, The Neighborhood claimed the ICFF Film Festival’s prestigious Trilogy Award.

Now this star-studded movie The Neighborhood – written and directed by Canadian Frank D’Angelo – will be released through Cineplex and Landmark theatres across Canada starting August 18th. A national USA theatre release will begin starting August 25th, with a European release to follow.\

Frank D’Angelo not only envisioned and produced The Neighborhood film he stars along side a world-renowned cast of actors featuring Giancarlo Giannini, Danny Aiello, Franco Nero, Armand Assante, Burt Young, John Savage, John Ashton, Maureen McCormick and more.

The Neighborhood is about a brash small-time group of hoodlums from Brooklyn NY who have been doing minor crime jobs in their neighborhood since they were kids – from stealing the church donation basket to today when they are stealing truckloads of products. Until one fateful day they step on the wrong toes and get caught up in a war with an old-school mafia king pin and their lives soon become hell on earth.

“I have had such a great time shooting this movie,” says Danny Aiello, while Franco Nero says “It’s been an incredible experience working with Frank D’Angelo,” and Giancarlo Giannini says “Frank D’Angelo is a very talented director”.

With actors like these singing his praises it’s no wonder Frank D’Angelo is quickly becoming one of the most recognized Canadian film makers of our time, attracting world class actors to appear in his films.

The Neighborhood is now Frank D’Angelo’s sixth feature film in just four years, with his past films The Red Maple Leaf, Sicilian Vampire, No Deposit, The Big Fat Stone and Real Gangsters all winning film festival awards and available worldwide on Video-on-Demand, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. All of Frank D’Angelo’s films are distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Says Frank D’Angelo about his film The Neighborhood, “I’m really proud of this film, it’s a great story, lots of drama fantastic cast and I loved making it and sharing it with the world!”