Gravocore: The First Intelligent, Portable, Joint-Friendly Mounted Training Machine

Gravocore, the first intelligent, portable, joint-friendly, mounted training machine, is now available on through Amazon Exclusives. Gravocore’s breakthrough design allows you to perform countless workouts, from strength training, plyometrics, high intensity cardio, to Pilates and even yoga, anywhere, with setup in less than a minute.

Unlike old-school training equipment, Gravocore’s internationally-patented double pulley, rope and harness system engages the whole body so even the most intensive, heart-pumping workouts won’t leave unnecessary stress on vulnerable joints, tendons and ligaments. Almost anyone, at nearly any fitness level, can use Gravocore to increase strength, build muscles, and transform the entire body in as little as five minutes a day.

Gravocore (PRNewsfoto/Gravocore)

Weighing less than seven pounds, Gravocore’s portability and versatility make it ideal for home and travel workouts alike. Just secure the mounting solution to a support structure such as the back of a door, a high bar, or even a tree. Then strap yourself into the harness, secure the buckles, and go. Your workout duration is completely up to you. And with a simple posture adjustment, you can radically customize how much weight you move, changing your workout’s intensity in real time.

An avid lifetime runner, Nikkaran invented Gravocore when he found himself seriously out of shape after a hip resurfacing surgery. A breakthrough came when he wanted to do one of his favorite exercises, a simple set of squats, and he could no longer put that kind of stress on his joints. Nikkaran realized if he could somehow engage his whole body to offset the pressure, he would be able to accomplish the movement with much less pressure and impact on his hip joints.

As an artist and innovator, Nikkaran’s immediate next step was to create, so he combined pieces of luggage with ropes and pulleys from the hardware store to build a makeshift gear and lever system. He was able to use the apparatus to complete a series of squats in a fluid motion without any strain on his joints. In just a few weeks of working out with the new invention, he was in better shape than before his surgery.

Nikkaran knew he had something special on his hands. After years of perfecting, researching and securing an international patent, he is now launching Gravocore exclusively on with a MSRP of $349.

“Amazon Exclusives helps brands like Gravocore reach millions of customers around the world,” says Kyle Walker, Category Leader for Amazon Exclusives. “We are always looking for products that are innovative and bring something different to customers. That’s why we are excited to be working with Gravocore to launch the product exclusively on”