HEVN gets playable demo ahead of July 19, 2017 release

Developers Miga have announced that their upcoming immersive sim / survival game, HEVN, will release via Steam and Itch.io on Wednesday 19 July 2017 – and that a playable demo is now available.

The demo – available from hevngame.com – provides an opportunity to play through the first two-or-so hours of the science-fiction adventure, which sees Sebastian Mar head to a distant planetoid in search of a better life.

However, conditions on Naic are challenging, with seismic events and deadly storms commonplace. Plus, the mining facility that Mar arrives at is strangely deserted, with rumours of suspicious activity in the air.

Alongside the demo, Seattle-based indie studio Miga has released a set of new screenshots and a short teaser video – giving players an extra sneak peek at what’s in store come July in this sci-fi title with shades of System Shock and Deus Ex.

“We wanted to make a unique first-person game that throws the player into a dangerous, story-rich experience with only a few ways out,” said Miga’s Mat Mathews. “Although at times the player may be faced with combat situations, we’re weaving in a deep story, rich with conflict, mystery and adventure.”

Co-creator Larry Johnson added: “We really wanted to make something that feels cinematic, has an open style of gameplay, and has a human story to connect with.”

Players can download the demo from hevngame.com.

About HEVN

In 2128, the world’s population is struggling for a better future. The Earth is hot, overcrowded, and divided by technology. With no options left, Sebastian Mar decides to join a dangerous celestial mining mission light years away.

HEVN is a single-player first-person sci-fi adventure, set on an isolated planetoid orbiting a distant star. As an employee of Nomoni Incorporated, you’ll navigate the physical and political dangers of a controversial mining mission, uncovering deeper secrets best left buried light-years from Earth.

​Although assisted by robots and a central AI system, you’ll still have to use your ingenuity to survive. Watch your health, fatigue and mental state to make it by on this faraway rock. But as you find yourself caught up in a twisting story of interstellar intrigue, you might find yourself with more than your own survival on your mind…

HEVN is an adventure game that invites you to investigate a series of rich environments and uncover a complex and human story.​

Key Features:

  • A richly interactive environment. Read magazines, wear different clothes, use devices and machinery, talk with robots, and much more!
  • A simulated world, including a day/night cycle and random events
  • A deep and involved central story to uncover
  • Use your in-game tablet to communicate with family and friends back home, as well as managing your current situation
  • Explore the world on foot, or use the hovering Cargo Transport to traverse the terrain with ease
  • Eat, drink, sleep, or take medications to help you survive. Hunt alien life forms and harvest plants for food. But be wary, as no resource is infinite…
  • Learn about the world by reading datagraphs for hundreds of objects. The more you read, the more expansive the story becomes
  • Use in-game currency to purchase upgrades, food, medication, and more – or send money back to your family
  • Use tools and weapons to survive – fending off critters and solving puzzles
  • Support for many languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and more