Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology – there’s a demo

For those who can’t wait for 16 February to arrive, download the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology demo in the Nintendo eShop! Get familiar with the story and the game’s mechanics, then transfer your save file when the game launches.

Free Nintendo 3DS Theme
Give your 3DS a timely makeover with the Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology 3DS theme. The theme is completely free and it’s now available in the European Theme Shop.

DLC Information
There will be a variety of character art, consumable items, and more as DLC starting on launch day. Here’s the release schedule:

16 February (Launch Day!)
·        Growth Ring: Consumable item. Gain additional EXP.
·        Mole Armlet: Consumable item. Gain additional money.
·        New Difficulty – DEADLY: Unlock “Near Death” difficulty.
·        Chibi Art Pack: Switch main character art to Chibi art.
·        Classic Art Pack: Switch main character art to original version’s.
·        Bathing in Mana: Fan service event. Each character will show up ready for a swim. Plus an additional boss battle.

20 February
·        Rage of the Fallen: Rescue Aht and Marco in New Granorg in different timeline.
·        Under the Moonlight: Investigate information leak with Eruca and Rainey in New Granorg in different timeline.

27 February
·        Settling the Score: Investigate the distortion in time with Rosch and Gafka in different timeline. Fight against seven bosses in sequence.
·        Meeting in the Chasm: Explore the hidden past of Nemesia.
·        Hunting Corridor: A dungeon that you can find an item to boost up your character parameters.

Key Facts
TITLE: Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

PLATFORM: Nintendo 3DS™

RELEASE DATE Europe: 16 February 2018



PEGI: 12 (TBC)