HOOVER offers NEW premier robot vacuum at Black Friday price for extended holiday shopping window

Hoover® is offering its NEW premier robot vacuum for only $299 (typically retails for $499) during a Black Friday sale from November 22ndDecember 3rd, the perfect time and price to indulge in the category. The new ROGUE™ robot is not only one of the most intelligent units in the Hoover product family, but sits at the top of its class within the entire robot category with exclusive technologies and top of the line features. By taking $200 off its set retail price, Hoover is offering the latest in smart technology at a price accessible to all who are shopping for their techie loved ones.

Those looking to add to their collection of smart home gadgets this year will likely be considering three main factors when selecting a robot —navigation, connectivity and cleaning power. The new Hoover ROGUE offers unrivaled features in each of these categories and more, providing advanced performance and the latest technology to satisfy the most tech-savvy user.

The Hoover ROGUE provides intelligent navigation on the market for a dramatically improved cleaning path. While other robot vacuums may use bump-and-go technology to randomly navigate your home, the Hoover ROGUE uses Robart® Technology with Memory Navigation and high-tech laser to navigate and remember your floor plan, providing the most efficient clean possible. Not only does it memorize the set up of your home, it also allows customization of the cleaning path using its SmartWall™ Technology. With the Hoover Home App, users are able to create virtual boundaries to tell the unit which areas are off limits. The built-in cliff sensors also ensure the unit will not go off any stairs or drop-offs throughout the home. The ROGUE also has auto-docking capabilities that ensure when cleaning is complete, it will return on its own to the base to recharge.

Unlike some robot vacuums currently available, the Hoover ROGUE is compatible with Amazon Alexa™ and Google Home Assistant™, allowing users to activate their units through vocal commands. Hoover ROGUE is also Wi-Fi connected and can be accessed from anywhere through the Hoover Home App. Not only can users send the robot out to clean, they can schedule and customize their cleaning from anywhere. The robot’s convenient control center is located right on its lid where it will display alerts and indicators, simplifying the process of upkeep and maintenance.

Advanced and responsive sensory technology takes the cleaning power of the Hoover ROGUE to another level through its Tri-Clean System and Dirt Detection. The combination of speed, brushing and suction help maximize the amount of dirt, dust and pet hair picked up. When a significant amount of dirt is sensed, the Hoover ROGUE uses Dirt Detection to reduce speed and focus on that specific area, ensuring that areas needing more attention are not overlooked. The 120-minute run time on this robot is nearly double its competitors, making it a smart option for those wanting a unit that can comprehensively clean the entire home.

The new Hoover ROGUE is bringing the latest sensory and smart technology to the industry with a price just as smart. Holiday shoppers can take advantage of this unprecedented deal at Target, Best Buy and Amazon for an extended Black Friday window of November 22ndDecember 3rd (specific sale dates will vary between retailers). While most Black Friday sales last only one day, Hoover has decided – There are no rules. It’s time to go ROGUE.