Kitchenware Experts Deseo Talks About: Moscow Mule Mugs and Tips to Pick the Best Kind

Kitchenware experts Deseo announces the hottest trend to stay cool in the Summer months.

“Trying to find the perfect gift can be a daunting task. No one wants to get it wrong, yet there is always the pressure and need to buy the perfect gift; be it for a loved one or friend, house warming, anniversary, Mother’s + Father’s Day, wedding present or even a gift for yourself,” said Amanda Sweetman from Deseo. “There is always an occasion to buy a present. And this year’s best gift idea is Moscow Mule mugs.”

According to Sweetman, the Moscow Mule is easily the best present idea this year and she shares few reasons why they are trending to be this year’s must have gift:

  • TWICE AS COLD Copper mugs are known to retain the cold TWICE as long and are perfect for all cold drink needs. This is due to copper being a conductor, meaning if you place a cold drink inside with ice, it amplifies the coolness of the drink and retains the cold longer. From beer, vodka or whiskey to ice tea, soda or even a milk shake, copper mugs will keep your drinks colder longer.
  • DESIGNER SET & GIFT  Moscow mule mugs can come by themselves and/or designer gift box set. But the perfect present is the ones that come in a complete set and designer gift box. Making a complete gift to give or perfect addition to your bar or home.
  • SUPERIOR HANDCRAFTED QUALITY When looking for your Copper mugs these are the points you need to consider: 1- make sure they are 100% Pure Solid Copper with NO nickel, tin, stainless steel or cheap metal. And without lacquer on the inside for a real copper mug experience. 2-The best size is-16oz. 3-ensure it’s made with thick 22-gauge copper. 4- get handcrafted with a beautiful hammered vintage finish. 5- get a large handle for an extra comfort hold that is welded on (NO RIVETS) to ensure these mugs never leaks.

“You need to make sure you are buying from a company that uses quality control. The mule mugs should be checked to ensure they sit flat and do not have any scratches or incorrect dents,” said Sweetman. “When the mugs are packaged, they should be wrapped in soft white paper and the bubble wrap.  So, your Moscow Mule Mug set items come just as perfect as when they were first made,” she added.


Deseo states that Moscow Mule recipes are made in 100% pure copper mugs because copper reacts with lime and ginger beer, enhances the flavor of the drink by making it tangier and more sparkly.


Some say there are additional health benefits from 100% copper based on expert’s opinion. They claim that benefits include; aiding in weight loss, help the digestive system work better, helps heal wounds faster.


In 1941, an old English pub, located on Hollywood’s famous sunset strip lays claim to have invented the first vodka cocktail called Moscow Mule. Owner of the pub Jack Morgan and owner of Smirnoff vodka John Martin both had a problem. Jack could not sell the house made ginger beer and John could not sell his vodka. Along with bartender Wes Price they collaborated to combine these ingredients and the first Moscow Mule cocktail was invented.

“Now in 2017 Moscow Mule Cocktail (AKA- Mule drink) is making a comeback around the globe. The Moscow Mule recipe is easy and contains 3 main ingredients,” said Sweetman. “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but what we give. Come visit Deseo and give the perfect gift this year.”

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