Launches First Personalized GIF TV on Android

In celebration of the 30th GIF Anniversary, Kweak•ly announces the launch of the first-ever personalized GIF TV platform.

This new platform is available for download as an App on the Google Play Store and gives users access to thousands of curated GIF channels of movies, TV shows, trending events, interests, weird hashtags and more. (PRNewsfoto/

Users select GIF channels of their interest through a Tinder-like discovery game, to create a personalized GIF entertainment experience.

GIFs are the latest form of TV: bite-sized pieces of content that are easy to consume and share, that capture the most memorable gasp-worthy moments from movies, TV shows, cartoons and general pop-culture. Just like text has gone from websites to blogs to tweets, entertainment is going from long form to short form to GIFs.

Not just this, Gen Z loves GIFs! The average Gen Zer has the attention span of only about 8 seconds and is a visual communicator. After video, GIFs are the next form of visual entertainment for social and messaging platforms.

Kweak•ly is globally unique in enabling users to personalize GIFs in a customized mobile entertainment channel — made for you only.

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About Kweak•ly:
Kweak•ly is the first personalized GIF based mobile TV platform, which allows users to customize a TV- like entertainment service from over 1000 GIF channels. AI-powered discovery agents power Kweak•ly to scour through billions of GIFs, images and videos to curate a personal entertainment experience for each user.

For more information about the company and its app, please visit this website