Napster Unveils New Interactive Playlist Maker and GIPHY Integration

Following novel product updates and strategic partnerships with unique brands, Napster today announced new playlist builder capabilities and awesome features powered by GIPHY. Available now in its award-winning iOS and Android mobile apps, Napster’s Interactive Playlist Maker features custom playlist recommendations with a simple “Tinder-like” swiping functionality to easily add or pass on recommended songs. And, tapping into GIPHY’s extensive library, Napster users now have access to all the GIFs to visually personalize their playlists, marking the first GIF functionality in a music streaming service.

“At Napster, we’re focused on making playlist building and sharing easier, more intuitive and more expressive for each listener,” Mike Davis, Napster CEO said. “Early testing showed that Napster subscribers are nearly twice as likely to share playlists featured with a GIF. We’re thrilled to partner with GIPHY to roll out features that help our subscribers bring their playlists to life, and share more music.”

Napster’s interactive playlist maker is designed to make the process of building and editing playlists fun and easy by recommending great contextual music suggestions for a listener’s playlist. As you’re building your playlist, Napster will suggest music to add based on existing tracks in your playlist and listening habits. With a quick swipe to the left, you can reject the song, or with a swipe to the right, you can “match” the song to your playlist. Of course, you can still manually build playlists, as well.

And now, through integration with GIPHY, you can add animated GIFs as cover art for your playlists. It’s simple. When you create a new playlist, Napster will automatically suggest a GIF based on the playlist title. You can either use the suggested GIF or pick your own from GIPHY’s catalog of tens of thousands of GIFs. The result is a unique and fun way to add more personality to your playlist.

“There’s a GIF for every emotion, and now there’s also a perfect GIF for every playlist,” David Rosenberg, Director of Business Development at GIPHY said. “We’re excited to work with Napster to bring the power of GIPHY to its users, to personalize their creations and equip their users across the globe with the power of GIFs.”