Ladybug Band, unique interactive kids’ storybook app

Rain Boot Media, a company dedicated to creating kid-friendly apps with an artist’s flair and important messages, has introduced Ladybug Band, a fun and lively read-along digital storybook app that encourages kids to get up, dance and make music. The educational and wholesome app is available from the App Store and Google Play for $1.99

Ladybug Band features original color- and texture-rich illustrations by story author and artist Becky Pashia, and illustrator Noelle Stoffel, that accompany a read-along, narrated rhyming story. Designed to engage fine and gross motor skills, each page has items for kids to touch, trace or shake. At the end of the story, they can “join” the Ladybug Band and make their own recordings, playing instruments or singing the main vocal. The app even includes an original song, “Coconut Jamboree” (available on iTunes and Spotify) written and performed by Mason Pashia.

“We want to inspire creativity in kids and nurture their abilities to solve ‘problems’ and challenges,” explains Rain Boot Media Chief Executive Officer, Becky Pashia. “In the book, kids have to figure out what to ‘do’ on each page. This is where learning happens.”

Rain Boot Media was founded by Pashia with a goal of offering wholesome and educational apps where original stories come to life on digital devices through fun narrative, beautiful illustrations and custom games — all designed to inspire creative thinking skills in kids.

Pashia has painted and taught painting for more than 25 years. She is most well-known for her atmospheric landscape paintings, and has experimented with both visual and fine arts over the course of her career.  With Rain Boot Media, Pashia takes her craft to a new level, blending visual and fine arts with digital media.

The company’s first app, the holiday-themed “One Present, Please?” debuted in November 2016 and featured an original story written by Pashia, illustrations by Stoffel, coloring pages, hidden pictures, puzzles and mini games. The app conveys a wholesome message of giving and receiving in a clever way.

For more information, visit  Apps are available from the App Store, and Ladybug Band is available on Google Play.