New Britannica Kids is a Learning Site for the Whole Family

School kids and their families have a safe, reliable and comprehensive source of information and media for learning, research and discovery, with Britannica® Kids, announced today by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

The site, which is accessible 24/7 from all devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones – features more than 100,000 articles, 60,000 images and videos, an interactive world atlas, a Merriam-Webster dictionary and much more.

At a time when questionable information and so-called fake news are on the rise, Britannica Kids offers a safe, online oasis of content compiled and vetted by expert editors, according to Chris Mayland, vice president, consumer products, for Britannica.

“With all of the potential dangers on the Internet today, Britannica Kids gives kids and students the opportunity to explore whatever their imaginations dream up, while giving parents the peace of mind that they are in a safe place,” said Mayland. “Whether it is helping with their homework, or simply nourishing their curiosity, Britannica Kids offers them a resource to freely explore Britannica’s full suite of content.”

Britannica Kids is not just for kids. It has resources at three different reading levels, from elementary to adult, so all members of the family have content at their level and geared to their needs.

Other key aspects and features:

  • Britannica Kids is up to date, revised continuously;
  • With three reading levels, it has extensive content for every member of the family;
  • Britannica Kids is an excellent homework resource. Key school subjects from kindergarten through high school are covered extensively and correlated to curriculum standards (STEM, Common Core and more) in a fun and enriching environment.

Britannica Kids is advertising free, with a yearly subscription price of $74.95. More information is available at