Transformative Power Of Color, Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color

Are you living life in color—or living in neutral? The secret to a more vibrant, energetic, and happier life can be as simple as a strategic pop of color. In her fifth book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, former inspirational interior designer, Emmy Award-winning television personality, color aficionado, and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson reveals how readers can transform their lives for the better by revamping their surroundings. Releasing March 14, 2017 (POST HILL PRESS), Anderson teaches readers how they can unlock their “color stories” through bursts of color in their homes, wardrobes, and beyond – and how a simple color swap can lift your spirit, supercharge your wellbeing, and power up your life.

In her past work as an interior designer, Anderson saw first-hand the difference color made in her clients’ lives. It went far beyond designing a “pretty” space—the effects were transformative. As she explored color theory in her own life —letting go of painful memories that were holding her back, she realized how important—and powerful—color really was. Color was the catalyst to shifting her energy and changing her life. This knowledge was so life-changing that Anderson walked away from her acclaimed design career to turn her passion into purpose, helping readers uncover what color best represents the change they want in their lives, and helping them dig deeper into the meaning of color around them— especially in their homes.

“Life is full of color, and color holds so much power in our lives that most people don’t realize,” says Moll Anderson. “Color is so much more than meets the eye. It goes beyond something purely visual as it is a full-on sensory process that serves as an amazing source of energy that affects our mood, feelings, and even our behaviors.”

An inspirational book filled with lessons and stories, Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color offers a new blueprint for leveraging the link between color and mood. Feelings about color are deeply and emotionally rooted, and the powerful effect of color is often most evident in the home, where it impacts one’s behaviors, emotions, and even their well-being. Understanding why people like or dislike certain colors is key to creating a life-changing color story. Embracing the right colors will help readers renew, revamp, and revitalize their personal lives and homes.

Each of the thirteen chapters focuses on a different color, which provides readers with simple color solutions and personal color lessons drawn from Anderson’s own life. Additional guided journal pages take readers on a journey where they can explore their own personal relationship to color, and uncover and rewrite the color stories of their lives.

“With this new book, I want to inspire and help others get in touch with their true inner selves to unlock their own personal color story,” adds Anderson. “By looking through past moments and memories – whether positive or negative – this book will teach you how to find your truth and how taking a journey with color can transform and makeover your life.”