Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy For Living a Focused and Happy Life Without Drugs By Brian Sheen, Ph.D.

Brian Sheen, Ph.D. founder of the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of his new book, Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy For Living a Focused and Happy Life Without Drugs. This book is a result is of Dr. Sheen’s research for the past 45 years.

Dr. Brian Sheen’s book and eBook, available on Amazon in English or Spanish, shares his 95% success rate in reversing stress related symptoms including ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety while helping participants lessen or eliminate taking blood pressure, sleep and psychotropic medications.

“Emotional health is the foundation for success throughout life. Brian Sheen shows how to access one’s inner pharmacy and help improve communication with others to reduce stress levels. An excellent resource for obtaining emotional health and a manual to be followed.” Dr. Cynthia Clayton M.D.

Front Book Cover of Woman with Outstretched Arms (PRNewsfoto/Brian Sheen)

Brian explains how and why the inability to focus, be happy or feel relaxed has become an epidemic in our country resulting in the devastating consequences of chronic disorders, dysfunction, and medication abuse. Then he shares over one hundred tools and exercises that align to the research the Center for Disease Control discovered how making the right lifestyle changes could resolve 75% our chronic health conditions. Imagine greatly reducing the over one trillion dollars of drug spending in the US alone? This is the science that HAS achieved these types amazing results over the past 15 years.

This book brings individuals to a higher level of empowerment by helping readers correct the underlying causes of their unwanted mental and emotional symptoms. They learn to access their inner biochemical substances to feel good, be more relaxed, happier and better able to focus. They learn how to make effective lifestyle changes to rebalance their emotional and mental states by self-regulating their personal inner pharmacy.

“Emotional health provides the working circuits to the mind. Brian Sheen has captured and extracted the very essence of this process in his new book; which enables readers to self-medicate the mind and then the body toward sustainable change. Brian is a masterful educator.” Quinn Hayes Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County Health Division

As an award-winning practitioner of personal wellness and empowerment training, Brian shares his forty-five years of scientific research and development. He has worked with thousands of individuals worldwide teaching how their thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and postures determine how the respiratory, endocrine, nervous and immune systems respond with specific biochemical releases. His easy to follow training protocols demonstrates how the mind, emotions, and body can be greatly enhanced when it is addressed as an indivisible interactive system.  He teaches readers how to regulate their bodies biochemical prescriptions to be healthier and emotionally empowered.

This book and its supporting online program and app are such timely and invaluable publications. Readers will be thrilled to learn in an easy to understand format that there is a way to shake their dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and improve their lives with his research into today’s cutting edge science and simple step-by-step procedures. They learn to access the feel good and healing bio-substances they have inside to live a focused and happy life without prescribed medications. Over the years he has received great recognition in the media on PBS, NBC, ABC and CBS and attests to the demand and quality of his work.