It’s quiet now, but it won’t be that way for long. Soon the room will be filled with knowledge seekers. Off in the wings, attorney BRIAN CUBAN, the younger brother of entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, waits patiently, flashing his customary smile, ready to impart his wisdom. Brian is “THE ADDICTED LAWYER.”

Brian knows he’s lucky to be here. He is one of millions who have battled mental illness, alcohol, and drug addiction. He is also in a legal profession that struggles with problematic alcohol consumption at an astounding rate, three times the general public. But now, 10 years into recovery, in the first book if its kind, he is addressing this issue.

He will empower those in need of help to reach out and will also help a profession in crisis come to terms, in his second and latest book, “THE ADDICTED LAWYER, TALES OF THE BAR, BOOZE, BLOW & REDEMPTION.” Part memoir, part prescriptive nonfiction, it’s 100% compelling.

THE ADDICTED LAWYER is not only Brian Cuban’s story of addiction and redemption. The book also contains many personal stories of lawyers and law students in the legal maelstrom, dealing with issues as diverse as alcohol to heroin, as they find their way to cope, and ultimately, to the path of healing and success. At its core, THE ADDICTED LAWYER is all about the power of hope.

THE ADDICTED LAWYER is also strong on practical advice, containing compelling words of wisdom from both lawyers who help others in the profession and law school administrators who deal with struggling students.

A guidebook for facing one’s worst fears, and suggested steps to a healthy, rewarding life, THE ADDICTED LAWYER offers advice, guidance and solace for anyone who struggles, in any profession or walk of life.

Cuban’s writing style is breezy, entertaining, and enlightening, whether he’s serious or comedic. He’s always relevant and poignant. Cuban’s recounting of his time in law school and as a practicing attorney struggling with alcohol and cocaine addiction is riveting. Brian was in so deep he traded NBA Championship tickets to his cocaine dealer. As Cuban often describes, it’s “the insanity of addiction.”

THE ADDICTED LAWYER is a real-life soap opera, filled with stories of recovery and redemption. And in each chapter, there shines a nugget of humanity. Just like there is in all of us.

This book will likely become the gold standard to not only the legal profession, but its signature that help—and hope—is readily available and all that’s needed for those afflicted to step out of the shadows. THE ADDICTED LAWYER reminds us that as long as we stay above ground, recovery and redemption is possible.