Tanya Armstrong Releases Self-Help, Empowerment Memoir – the Moment I Decided to “Own It”

Tanya Armstrong of Tanya’s Purpose is proud to announce the release of her debut novel: The Moment I Decided to “Own It.”

In her book, which can best be described as a self-help memoir, Armstrong details the initial strife caused by her personal journey of divorce, and then continues to follow her as she leaves behind the blame and identifies the part she played leading up to the separation. After that life-changing realization, Armstrong is able to grow and succeed in the world on her own, as a single mom and business woman.

Armstrong originally began writing as a tool to help self-soothe as she trudged through the dark days of divorce, but now knows the purpose of her inspiration is to help others. “I want other women to read this and know they’re not alone. I, too, imagined my fairy tale life. My husband and I would raise our kids and grow old. That didn’t happen, but I’m still here – and I’m standing tall. I want all women to feel this strength,” she said.

What the Reviews Say

“There is something to be said about transparency. It is a freedom that allows an individual, who has masked themselves, to finally LIVE. The Moment I Decided to “Own It” will speak new life into your situation.” – La Trisha McIntosh and La Tasha Taylor, Founders of Beautifully Said Magazine

“If you’ve ever had your heart systematically torn to pieces by someone who was in no position to love you, this is the book for you.”– Lydia Diaz, Owner of The Full Time Family

“Her story is like many who experience loss, abandonment and pain, but this powerful book will give you the tools you need to allow God to make all things new and lead you into a life of restoration.” – Pastor Marla Rowe, Destiny World Outreach Center

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About Tanya’s Purpose: Tanya Armstrong, like many girls and women around the world, spent a lifetime dreaming of her future – of the man she would marry, of the children they would have, of the home they would create. However, after attaining all of that, it all came crashing down, and she found herself struggling through a divorce. Nevertheless, through struggle comes strength, and Armstrong prevailed. She found strength within herself, and chose to rise instead of fall. She is a single mom, author, motivational speaker, and life coach.