LJ Farrow’s North puts the fate of mankind in the hands of a werewolf

In a unique take on werewolves and their place in urban fantasy, author LJ Farrow uses North to set the stage for the potential annihilation of the human race by the powerful demon the Morningstar and the arctic werewolf Amaoke, who was bred to lead his army. North is the first of four books Farrow is writing with the Morningstar as the primary antagonist.

North follows the life of Amaoke from his birth as a native Yup’ik on the banks of the Kusokwim River of Alaska through centuries of torture, famine, prejudice and survival meant to prepare him to lead the apocalyptic army against the humans. What Amaoke and the Morningstar don’t count on is a woman who teaches the werewolf about his long-buried humanity.

With love comes redemption as Amaoke realizes that the destiny the Morningstar has chosen for him is one he’s no longer willing to accept. From his life in present-day New Orleans, he becomes determined to find a way to stop the Morningstar and save the human race.

While this is LJ Farrow’s first published novel, she’s been writing since she was a child. She admits that the inspiration for North and the subsequent three other books that will make up the saga, came from, “…a sit-up-in-bed, sweaty-and-afraid, cannot-go-back-to-sleep-tonight nightmare.”

“The Morningstar is a pretty scary dude. Who he really might be is open to interpretation,” explained Farrow. “But ultimately, this is a story about redemption and that it’s always possible, even in the face of impossible odds.”

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