Muzeit’s Updated Version is Out

Music sharing and social app Muzeit reveals the updated version of its IOS & Android app.

Muzeit App is a music social platform that brings you the best experience of the combined music & social sharing worlds.

The updated Muzeit version introduces new exciting features which enhance the user’s experience within the app. To start with the new player design with embedded lyrics offers users a much more intriguing experience when listening to songs. Users can also re-arrange the order of songs they are playing within the player according to their desire

The app’s Recommended, Trending, & mostly Muzed sections are always enhanced to ensure maximum data explicitness

A diversified variety of playlists are tailored for every moment, genre, mood, or music taste.

The “Music pool”, an exceptional feature on Muzeit is the ultimate way friends can share playlists and manage them altogether at once. They can vote on songs that have been added to the playlist as well as suggest new ones.

User have the option of choosing the playlists they want to sync from their music libraries unto the Muzeit app.

Also to ensure maximum user experience an “Auto-download” feature has been added to the videos within the application.

Muzeit constantly introduces new exciting features to boost the user’s experience.

The Muzeit app meanwhile remains the best marketplace where people from all around the world intersect to share similar music taste, passion or just to discover new music.

Whether you’re a trend setter uncovering amazing new artists, or simply someone who wants to expand their music collection by discovering old classics, Muzeit is the place for you.

If you find a song that you love, it takes just a few taps to stream the song on Apple Music or YouTube, or to add it to your collection permanently through iTunes or Google Play (where available).

Muzeit app integrates your apple music account, whereas you can sync the playlists you choose and stream your music seamlessly.

Muzeit is designed to help people connect through their love of music, whether that’s through the Muzeit News Feed, Common tracks or Pool feature or Playlists.

Since its initial worldwide launching in December 2015, Muzeit has already reached the number one music app spot in Apple’s App Store in 18 countries globally.

Muzeit founder and CEO Ayman Jomaa, comments: “We love sharing the key moments in our lives, and our memories are always tied up with the music that we listen to. With Muzeit’s Song posting or Video sharing features, users are able to share not just a what they’ve seen, or where they’ve been, but also the soundtrack to their lives. We share so much with the world; isn’t it time we also shared the music that we’re passionate about?”

Updated features in the Muzeit app include:

•An advanced, engaging player design.
•Embedded Lyrics within the player, to provide users with all-embracing music activities in just one place
•Landing page on “My profile” page became “My Tracks” & not posts
•An enhanced Muzeit Pool which allows users to create shared playlists with their friends, as well as vote and share their opinion on the previously existing songs!
•Integrate Muzeit with your Apple Music account and stream your music seamlessly
•Choose the playlists you want to sync from your music library to the app.
•An “Auto-download” feature has been added to the videos within the app.

The Muzeit app is available in 15 different languages and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.