PlayOn Brings a Cloud DVR to DIRECTV NOW

MediaMall Technologies Inc. announced support for DIRECTV NOW in PlayOn Cloud. PlayOn Cloud’s DVR capabilities empower users, even those with slower internet connections, to record DIRECTV NOW streams in HD and watch them later, offline and even skip over commercials. PlayOn Cloud also gives DIRECTV NOW users the ability to jump to any point in a recording. Without PlayOn, DIRECTV NOW users cannot record videos for watching at a later time or fast-forward and rewind through much of the on-demand content and they can’t skip the ads.

MediaMall Technologies (PRNewsfoto/MediaMall Technologies)

PlayOn Cloud is the first and only cloud-based streaming DVR. With no additional hardware or devices, PlayOn’s free PlayOn Cloud app enables users to (1) record shows to watch later, offline, on any device, (2) skip over commercials and (3) use fast-forward and rewind when watching. The free app is available from the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

“PlayOn Cloud’s support for DIRECTV NOW is a game changer for streamers, especially those with slow internet connections like Satellite ISP users,” said Jeff Lawrence, president and CEO of PlayOn. “Earlier this year, we added DIRECTV NOW to PlayOn Desktop, offering subscribers a DVR for DIRECTV NOW on their PCs. Adding DIRECTV NOW into PlayOn Cloud makes it even easier for DIRECTV NOW subscribers to add DVR capabilities – using a simple app. And – it lets them watch in HD, which is impossible for many Satellite ISP users of streaming services today.”

DIRECTV NOW does not have a native DVR feature. With PlayOn Cloud, subscribers finally have a way to record on-demand content in the cloud. They can then watch recorded content commercial-free anywhere, anytime, even offline and without using their expensive data plan.

The PlayOn Cloud app is free and is available from the Apple App store and the Google Play store. The first recording is free and after that, users can buy recordings in-app for .40 each or .20 from For more information on PlayOn Cloud, please visit