“#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age” By Tony Jeton Selimi

In a world where billions of people can interact at just a moment’s notice, it will come as a shock to many to learn that loneliness is an epidemic more rampant and destructive than at any point in history. In fact, almost everyone faces adversity from loneliness that causes them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem. Research is showing us that loneliness impacts our health in a greater way than smoking or obesity.

A survey by Mental Health Foundation found that in the UK one in ten of us feels lonely often and 48 per cent of people think we are getting lonelier in general. Britain has even been voted the loneliness capital of Europe. A recent analysis of studies indicates that loneliness increases mortality risk by 26%.

It’s a subject that has fascinated human behavioural and cognition expert Tony Jeton Selimi for years, inspiring him to dive deeper into loneliness than anyone else, and producing the award-winning book ‘#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age.’


So connected, yet desperately we are alone in our hearts, drowning in an ocean of infinite possibilities, and becoming accustomed to a new way of being alone together in a technological cocoon that covers up our real pain, shame, and guilt. Our true essence is hidden behind facades that we show to the world from the fear of being judged, criticized, and rejected. This is what brings us out of a natural state of healthy balance, is the root cause of disease, and what creates the segregation phenomena experienced worldwide.

#Loneliness is a roadmap and a global call for people to redefine themselves in the face of life’s greatest challenges. Comforting, moving, and spiritually practical, this book is a guide to help people break through their perceived apparent loneliness, and shift them toward crowd-nurtured world peace and the next stage in our evolution.

“Loneliness not only disintegrates peoples’ mental and physical health, but also infects their genome and leads to multiple changes, while painting a dark and negative picture of the world around them,” explains the author, who is on a unique mission to help 1 billion people awaken their heart’s infinite wisdom.

Critics agree, receiving the volume with critical acclaim. For example, singer-songwriter Laurie Cagno comments, “Tony reveals how inner discord creates our deceptive loneliness, which is spontaneously appearing around the world in the form of war, illness, high divorce rates, financial crisis, and so much more. A life manual that shows us how to extract wisdom from every life adversity to become more balanced, mindful, and heart centered.”

Many authorities from around the world have endorsed the book. Dr. John Demartini, international best-selling author and expert in human behaviour calls it “A balm for the restless soul yearning for connection, freedom, and love in the desert of emptiness.”

“#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age” By Tony Jeton Selimi

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