Mulino Bianco Makes Everyday Occasions More Gourmet with New Bakery Products

Mulino Bianco, Italy’s No. 1 bakery, is introducing three new Italian treats to its lineup of authentic Italian bakery products. In 2017, Mulino Bianco introduces oven-baked Italian breadsticks including the Tomato Sfilati, made with tomato and oregano, and Olive Sfilati, made with green and black olives. Along with the new breadsticks, the brand adds Ringo, a vanilla crème sandwich cookie, to its assortment of Italian cookies. The new products will join Mulino Bianco’s portfolio of baked goods, and are available for purchase nationally in the United States or on Amazon.

Mulino Bianco champions the Italian way of living by offering sweet and savory treats that make everyday occasions more gourmet. Mulino Bianco inspires people to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, like a cookie for breakfast or time-savoring appetizers (also known as an “aperitivo”) with close friends before dinner – just like the Italians do.

“We are excited to not only be introducing the new Mulino Bianco products to the U.S. market, but even more excited to be bringing along the Italian culture that is associated with it,” said Kit Burton, Brand Manager, Bakery for Barilla Americas. “Italians know just how to savor life’s moments, big or small.”

“Entertaining and hospitality are key aspects of the Italian lifestyle,” said Mary Giuliani, of Mary Giuliani Catering & Events and spokesperson for the Mulino Bianco brand. “By enjoying simple pleasures like a cookie with your cappuccino in the morning, or taking the time to prepare a delicious charcuterie board with oven-baked breadsticks for your dinner guests, you can turn everyday moments into a memorable experience.”

Inspired by her Italian heritage, Giuliani shares hosting tips to make the everyday gourmet at your next social gathering:

Set the Scene
You only get one time to make a first impression, especially when it comes to parties. Sometimes just moving locations makes a meal more memorable. Spring and summer are great times to enjoy entertaining friends and family outdoors. Find a shady spot under a tree for your aperitivo, adding a few string lights or candles for ambiance.

• Enjoy the Ritual
Leave yourself enough time before your guests arrive to enjoy cooking, setting up your display and dance around your kitchen. Joy in serving makes the food taste better.

• Make Breakfast Special
Italians are known for their love of cookies and cappuccinos in the mornings. Get your morning off to the best start by indulging in a sweet cookie before breakfast like Mulino Bianco Galletti, or treat your overnight guests to a breakfast cookie tray with an assortment to make them feel at home.

• Make Aperitivo the Life of the Party
In Italy, aperitivo is a special part of the day where people join friends and family to socialize, relax and have before-dinner Hors d’oeuvres. Make an aperitivo “bar” featuring Italian oven-baked breadsticks and crackers from Mulino Bianco. Select your favorite simple, upscale and seasonal spreads such as roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted pepper romesco and Italian corn salsa to maximize your Italian aperitivo experience.

• Think Beyond the Cookie Tray
Upgrade your after-dinner treats by using cookies as the base to your dessert. Try something simple like an interactive ice cream cookie bar. Simply use your favorite Italian cookies, like the Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle, and display different ice cream flavors for guests to fill between two cookies. Then have them roll the outer edge of the sandwich in various toppings like hazelnuts or coconut flakes.

The full line-up of Mulino Bianco products can be found in the international aisle at grocers across the United States and sold on Amazon and other online retailers. Products include Ringo, Cuoricini, Baiocchi, Pan di Stelle and Galletti cookie varieties, and Olive Sfilati and Tomato Sfilati Italian breadsticks.