Wienerschnitzel’s New Quarter-Pound Gourmet Sausages

Fans of traditional German and Italian sausage will have a whole new reason to celebrate during the annual Oktoberfest folk festival this year – courtesy of “The World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain®.”

Wienerschnitzel is adding gourmet bratwursts and Italian sausages to its menu for a limited time in celebration of the world’s largest folk festival. In honor of the internationally-celebrated holiday famous for its traditional German food, music and beer, the national 331-restaurant chain will offer both gourmet quarter-pound sausages now through October 29, at participating locations.

Wienerschnitzel® Bratwurst is served traditional-style with grilled onions and mustard on a warm, brat bun while the Italian sausage is topped with peppers, onions and mustard. According to the brand, both new offerings deliver the authentic taste visitors would experience at a traditional Oktoberfest celebration.

“Oktoberfest is all about fun, families and great food – and so is Wienerschnitzel,” explained J.R. Galardi, executive vice president at Wienerschnitzel. “People know us for our German name and world-famous hot dogs, so it’s exciting to bring these two elements together and deliver the authentic taste and spirit of Oktoberfest right at our restaurants nationwide.”