MyFlight Forecast App: Flight Forecast App Set to Reduce Fear of Flying

As many as 25 percent of all Americans experience some nervousness when flying, whether caused by airport and flight delays, or more commonly, a fear of turbulence. A new app – MyFlight Forecast – designed by pilot, Timothy Griffin, sets out to reduce levels of passenger anxiety by providing a weather forecast for a particular flight.

In many instances, understanding aviation weather and its effects, can give much-needed peace of mind to passengers.

By simplifying the same information received by pilots, the app provides in-depth flying conditions for a specific flight, in an easy-to-understand and readily accessible format.

Presented using high-quality graphics, and a number of specific features, the app’s interface also displays other information about a flight including potential airport or flight delays, and notably, a turbulence forecast.

Addressing one of the most common causes of passenger fear, the turbulence forecast sets out to highlight how normal (and safe) this natural phenomenon is, and to prepare passengers for their flight ahead, by showing areas where turbulence has been reported.

“Many of those who suffer from fear, find relief in understanding,” says Griffin.

“By understanding aviation weather, and how it may affect their particular flight, passengers will feel more at ease when they fly. The MyFlight Forecast app aims to inform and educate passengers in an informative and interesting way, that ultimately makes flying more enjoyable,” he added.

In addition to the app, the website, also provides the turbulence forecast, along with useful resources such as an “ask the captain” section.

The app also contains a number of features suitable for aviation geeks or those curious about the planes around them, adding interesting information such as the number of airborne planes at any one time.

MyFlight Forecast is available to download via the Apple store, and Google Play, and is free to download with no hidden fees or membership add-ons.