New Technology to Stop Unlicensed and Unchecked Locksmith Service Providers

Lockheal, a solution innovator, released its new and first of its kind patent pending enterprise locksmith service appointment scheduling service on March 17, 2017. This new web and mobile based technology is available on iOS and Android and gives users the opportunity to schedule an emergency or non-emergency service appointment by choosing a desired locksmith on a live map or receiving price bids based on location, desired distance, type of service, language spoken and price. A live-chat option is available so a phone call is not required for communication or locksmith appointment scheduling. Every registered locksmith on the application is listed with their preferred service price, work reviews, preferred language, location, profile image, license information and services provided. This makes it easy for customers to decide which locksmith will best suit their needs. The Lockheal platform can effectively translate almost any language during user chats, making the service readily available to almost anyone.

Lockheal offers access directly to licensed locksmiths eliminating the need for a middle man. Many locksmith companies found online are mere call centers that forward customers’ business to actual locksmiths. Such call centers may take a substantial service fee, potentially requiring locksmiths to overcharge their customers.

Lockheal is taking a strong stance in providing easy access to only locksmiths that have passed background checks and have had any and all required licenses validated. This locksmith vetting process helps address anxiety customers might have with entrusting an unknown party with their locks.

Using Lockheal helps customers reduce their chances of being scammed or overcharged or having work performed by unqualified service providers. Lockheal also helps qualified locksmiths to build their careers and find legitimate work.

Lockheal wants to provide a safer more effective solution to the very common problem of finding a reputable locksmith for a fair fee.