No Cream In The Middle By Carlos Harleaux

Like many writers, Carlos Harleaux took up poetry writing as a hobby – a creative outlet to have fun and relieve stress. After writing 300 poems, starting his company, 7th Sign Publishing, and authoring six books of his own, writing is more than an outlet for Harleaux, it’s a mission. The Texas native’s latest work, “No Cream In The Middle,” is the second part of a series following two sisters on their journeys to happiness.

Carlos Harleaux (PRNewsfoto/Carlos Harleaux)

The first book, “Fortune Cookie,” follows Candice Brighton, also known as Cookie, as she searches for real love. By the end of the book, Cookie has found the husband of her dreams, a new career, and spiritual security. The road to redemption wasn’t an easy one, as she revealed deep secrets and disappointments from her past to her sister, Chelsea. And, in the second book it seems it’s Chelsea’s turn to clean her dirty laundry. A move that can jeopardize everything Cookie has accomplished.

“My first novel has evolved into what will be a trilogy series. ‘No Cream In The Middle’ uncovers more deadly secrets between these two sisters, really bringing the focus to Chelsea,” Harleaux explained. “The plot will definitely make you gulp your hot coffee or tea!”

“No Cream In The Middle” is now available.

Carlos Harleaux
Carlos Harleaux is a native of Houston, Texas, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Alexandria. He has a deep love for poetry, having authored Books including “Stingrays,” “Honesty Box,” “Hindsight 20/20” and “Blurred Vision.” He has also written two novels, “Fortune Cookie” and the brand new release, “No Cream In The Middle.” Additionally, since founding his own publishing company, 7th Sign Publishing,