NuTone Knock Video Doorbell

In the midst of the Great Depression, a young entrepreneur named J. Ralph Corbett developed the first melodious door chime, replacing the antiquated door buzzers of the time. His development helped revolutionize the 20th century home industry and launched the company known today as NuTone. More than 80 years later, Corbett’s forward-thinking design continues to inspire residential product engineers at NuTone, who are proud to announce the launch of NuTone Knock™, the company’s revolutionary new video doorbell.

NuTone Knock working in the rain. (PRNewsfoto/BROAN LLC)

Building on its innovative product line, NuTone, a leader in home comfort and convenience solutions, adds to its constantly expanding lifestyle convenience line with the NuTone Knock Video Doorbell. NuTone Knock allows homeowners to see and speak to visitors from anywhere in the world in crystal clear HD resolution on their smart phone or tablet. With integrated motion activation, night vision and an optional alarm function, you’ll always know when someone is at the door and have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, no matter where you are.

The NuTone Knock Video Doorbell offers multiple advanced features that set it apart from existing video doorbells. NuTone Knock is easy to install, thanks to built-in voltage detection and better Wi-Fi signal strength. The strong Wi-Fi connection allows for farther installation from your router while still maintaining a reliable connection, limiting the need for a Wi-Fi range extender. NuTone Knock is the most durable and weather resistant video doorbell available on the market today. It’s durable enough to withstand dust and water, and is tested from -22F to 122F; no other video doorbell can make that claim. Offering a clean and simple design, NuTone Knock is designed to look great on any home, fits most door mullions and can be flush mounted.

“NuTone Knock isn’t just another video doorbell,” Lindquist said. “It’s the most reliable and user-friendly video doorbell available today. It allows you to have the comforts and security of home from anywhere in the world.”

Additional NuTone Knock features include:

  • Two-way audio and HD video from your door to any smart phone or tablet around the world, or from the safety of your own home
  • Weather resistant rating of IP65
  • Night vision camera allows you to see who is at your door in crystal clear high definition in any low light condition
  • Motion detection technology will alert you of any movements and record video to the cloud for later playback, meaning you will know who is on your property even if they don’t ring the doorbell
  • Quiet hours option silences the door chime during nap time, family time or movie night
  • Easy installation: connects easily to existing doorbell power and offers a built-in voltage detector to assist in the installation process
  • 180-degree high definition camera lens
  • Works with your existing doorbell wiring, so a battery that won’t work in extreme heat or cold isn’t required

NuTone Knock will be available this fall on, and other retailers.