Nuzzel Brings Newsletters to 1.2 Billion Messenger Users

Nuzzel has integrated two of the hottest technologies for news delivery and consumption: newsletters and messaging bots.

Nuzzel already offers personalized news discovery and curated newsletters to many of the top influencers in media, technology, and finance, via web, mobile, push, and email.

Now Nuzzel has extended our innovative newsletter platform to provide distribution of daily newsletters to the 1.2 billion users of Facebook Messenger. Nuzzel’s new bot for Messenger allows subscribers to any of Nuzzel’s curated newsletters, or “Best of Nuzzel”, to receive top stories in business, technology, and media directly via Messenger every morning.

Nuzzel Messenger Bot (PRNewsfoto/Nuzzel)

All Nuzzel newsletters will now be available for subscription via Messenger, in addition to email, with no additional work required by the newsletter curator.  This new distribution channel can be used by publishers, marketers, or individual influencers to expand their audience.

The Nuzzel bot for Messenger will help busy people get their day started with top news stories, that can be shared with friends and colleagues.  This is a great way to start conversations and stay informed.

Find the Nuzzel bot for Messenger by searching for “Nuzzel” when using Messenger.  Our “Best of Nuzzel” newsletter will send the day’s five best stories in business, technology and media. To subscribe to a specific Nuzzel newsletter using Messenger, click the “Send to Messenger” button on any Nuzzel newsletter page.

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