AVCV Games’ New Project Messenger Explores Themes of Civil Unrest and Religious Rebellion

Independent studio AVCV Games is currently developing its second title, Messenger, which is scheduled for release in 2018.

In the not-too-distant future, a nation rebelling against anti-religious legislation undergoes civil unrest on a mass scale. A group of activists must get their message to government legislators, relying on an underground movement led by a shadowy figure known only as “Ghost.”

Messenger explores the timely themes of civil discourse and religious persecution, set against the backdrop of citizens who actively reject the decisions made by their elected officials.

“I had this idea in 2010 and never knew how relevant its message would be today. I hope it sparks a lot of conversation among its players and hopefully, makes a positive impact in the culture.” – Micah Jackson

A twist on the top-down shooter genre, Messenger has players protecting a robot sent to deliver an important document to lawmakers. Using a satellite defense system hacked and controlled by Ghost, the player must take down hostile drones and other military forces sent to keep the robot from completing its mission. Messenger uses a unique 3D targeting system combined with a timing mechanic that requires players to lead their shots and preserve ammo. This creates an inherent challenge, testing even a hardcore gamer’s tactical and twitch abilities.

Messenger will be coming to gamers on PC via Steam and other digital outlets in 2018. It will be undergoing a round of crowdfunding in summer 2017 to aid in the production process.

Messenger is the second project written and developed by Micah Jackson, a veteran games producer who has worked for Disney Interactive, Bkom Studios and Atari. His previous release was Bugchinko, currently available in the Apple App Store.