OLFA announces the introduction of its 45MM Endurance™ Rotary Blade for quilters

Over the past three decades, the OLFA® brand’s rotary cutting technology has provided quilters – from the novice to the expert – with the tools they need to make the sharpest cuts for any quilting project. From ergonomic and quick-change, to rotary circle cutters, OLFA’s continued commitment to innovation has transformed the quilting industry and enabled quilters around the world to create any project with ease.

In pursuit of this commitment and ahead of National Quilting Day on March 18, OLFA announces the introduction of its 45MM Endurance™ Rotary Blade – an expertly-honed, tungsten steel blade designed to cut two times longer than the OLFA standard rotary blades. With the ability to cut up to 1,500 yards of fabric before dulling, the innovative blade extends the time between blade changes.

To introduce the Endurance Blade, OLFA is creating a pop-up trial tent outside of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky., during AQS QuiltWeek®, one of the largest quilting events in the world, on April 27 and 28. While testing the new blade’s top-quality precision, QuiltWeek goers will be able to participate in a special project to benefit Quilts for Kids, a non-profit organization whose mission is transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts for children in need. As fabric squares are cut at the event, they’ll be collected and made into beautiful quilts by Quilts for Kids volunteers and passed along to children across the country – all to help the organization continue their mission and help bring a little comfort back to those children that need it most.

“OLFA rotary blades are used in every single cut we make as we assemble our quilts so we were thrilled to partner up on this effort,” said Linda Arye, Founding President of Quilt for Kids Inc. “With all the fabric squares we create during QuiltWeek, we’ll be able to create even more quilts to take care of the kids from children’s hospitals and shelters we support.”

Arye started Quilt for Kids in 2000 to save unused fabric samples from reaching landfills. Almost seventeen years later, the organization has saved not only millions of pounds of unused and discontinued fabric from being thrown away, their handmade quilts have touched the lives of children all over the world. Since the organization began, they’ve donated quilts and other handmade items to hundreds of thousands of children in need.

“Arming passionate quilters with tools they can trust to create memories that last a lifetime is what OLFA does best,” said Jason Feldner, OLFA General Manager at World Kitchen, LLC. “We’re excited to share our latest innovation at the AQS QuiltWeek while also supporting Quilts for Kids. By working together, we’re able to help support their empowering mission to provide children in need with the warmth, comfort, and security of a quilt.”