Samsung S8: 90% of customers remain loyal to the brand despite the Note 7 crisis

Samsung is launching the new Samsung 8 this week and ReportLinker conducted a new survey to measure if the brand’s image has been affected by last year’s explosions of the Note 7 phones and if their customers remain as loyal as before.

Findings show that loyalty has even increased since the last ReportLinker survey, conducted in October 2016:

● 81% of smartphone users are still confident in the safety of their smartphones

● But the crisis has impacted all manufacturers as even Apple’s customers don’t trust the brand as much as they used to (79%, -12 pts compared to October 2016)

● 52% of smartphones’ owners say the future Samsung Galaxy S8 will be of better quality than the previous ones

● And this statement is even more significant among Samsung customers (63%)

● More than half of respondents (56%), mentioned their interest in buying the new Samsung smartphone.

Also, their customers’ loyalty is stronger than ever before as nearly 9 out of 10 would consider the brand for a next purchase, which is more often a certitude than it was five months ago.