Sew Gingery releases its very first line of vibrant, handmade accessories

Designer Christie McGuire from Sew Gingery is releasing her Everyday Essentials Collection. Each product will be individually made by the designer herself and will go live May 8, 2017.

Christie McGuire had a problem. On a hunt for cute, yet functional handmade items, she was consistently disappointed.  It was out of this frustration that Sew Gingery emerged.   “I decided I would create what I wanted myself,” says Christie.  “It turns out, other handmade lovers wanted the same things!”  Now Christie’s designs are gaining notoriety in the handmade industry.

Featured product photos (PRNewsfoto/Sew Gingery)

Sew Gingery has a plentiful assortment of accessories.  “My goal is for busy gals to feel zesty and vibrant from the gym to a night out.  It’s amazing how just the right product in just the right print can make all the difference.  My aprons are designed to be stylish yet functional. I want my customers to feel beautiful and trendy even in the kitchen,” she said. Christie’s products come in bold floral prints, blues and the color of the season to capitalize on current trends.  Everything is cotton and easily washed.

Christie’s most popular items include gym tote bags, aprons for men, women and children, makeup bags and smartphone wristlets.  The items are affordable and make wonderful gifts at just $12-$60.  Because each item is handmade by Christie herself, the Everyday Essentials Collections is expected to sell out by the end of the season.