Two Delicious Seasonal Cocktails that Tap into Brockmans’ British Roots

Brockmans Gin is celebrating spring with the debut of two deliciously original cocktails reminiscent of Britain’s 4 o’clock tea tradition but which are distinctly after dark concoctions. Find more inspired Brockmans cocktail suggestions at

First up on the menu is the Brockmans Berry Tea, a glamorous spring concoction featuring chilled fruit tea combined with elderflower and red berries – the perfect cocktail to add a spot of sophistication to any spring evening.

Brockmans Berry Tea Recipe
1 part Brockmans Gin
½ part Elderflower Cordial
¾ part Red Berry Puree
½ part Lemon Juice
Chilled Red Berry Tea

Shake all ingredients except the tea with ice. Strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice. Top with tea and stir. Garnish with crushed ice, a long thin slice of cucumber, a blackberry and a small sprig of mint.

Brockmans Gin Berry Tea Cocktail (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

To make the occasion even more special, mix up the Brockmans Forest Gateau Martini, a Black Forest Cake inspired cocktail complete with hints of dark chocolate and raspberry flavors.

Brockmans Forest Gateau Martini Recipe
1 part Brockmans Gin
1 part Dark Chocolate liquor
¾ part Fraise de Bois
3 fresh raspberries

Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with grated dark chocolate shavings.

Brockmans Gin Forest Gateau Cocktail (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

“Brockmans is known for its distinctive combination of blueberry, blackberry, coriander and bitter-sweet Valencia orange peel flavors,” said Brockmans Director and co-Founder Bob Fowkes. “Its distinct flavor profile offers a unique taste twist to classic gin cocktails loved the world over, but we also like to suggest new and exciting serves to highlight just how deliciously smooth and versatile our gin is.”

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