Brockmans Gin Serves Up Autumn Cocktail Menu

Brockmans Gin, the gin ‘like no other’, is serving up its Autumn line up of deliciously smooth cocktails that are easy to make and beautifully complement the gin’s mix of berry notes and botanicals.

“Brockmans is a deliciously contemporary reinterpretation of gin that is so smooth, it can be enjoyed neat, over ice for a treat and a very pleasant surprise,” noted Bob Fowkes, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Brockmans Gin. “For those autumn social occasions that call for cocktails, create and serve our new signature recipes, each developed to highlight and enhance the combination of traditional gin aromas, bitter-sweet orange peel, coriander and top notes of blueberries and blackberries discovered in Brockmans Gin”.

Brockmans Rosy Glow (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

2 oz. Brockmans
0.75 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
0.5 oz. fresh lime juice (retain the lime peel)
0.5 oz. Cherry Liqueur
0.5 oz. cinnamon syrup
Dash of Absinthe

Combine Brockmans, juices, cinnamon syrup, and cherry liqueur in a shaker filled with ice, shake, and strain into a coupe glass.  Garnish with lime half turned inside out. Float on top of the cocktail and fill with a cube of sugar and dash of Absinthe. Ignite & sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder over the flame.

Brockmans Autumn Reviver (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

2 oz. Brockmans gin
1 oz. Lillet Blanc
0.5 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz. Ginger syrup

Shake all ingredients together in an ice-filled cocktail shaker; strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a dehydrated orange slice studded with cloves

Brockmans Berry Fresh (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

2 oz. Brockmans gin
1 oz. Lejay Lagoute Triple Sec
0.75 oz. Lemon juice
1 oz. Cranberry juice
1 bar spoon of allspice dram

Shake all ingredients together in an ice-filled cocktail shaker; strain into a tumbler of crushed ice layered with frozen winter berries then top with a little more crushed ice. Garnish with a few more frozen winter berries.

Brockmans Ode to Aperol (PRNewsfoto/Brockmans Gin)

2 oz. Brockmans Gin
2 oz. Aperol
Juice of 2 satsumas mandarins

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes, add the first 3 ingredients and stir before topping with chilled Prosecco. Garnish with a cocktail stick skewer of Satsuma peel and blueberries.