Slurpee® ‘Twin-sies’

7-Eleven® wants brothers and sisters to play nice with each other on National Sibling Day, April 10, and slurp it up all week long. That’s when the world’s largest convenience retailer will bring back its Buy One-Get One (BOGO) Slurpee® drink promotion with an exclusive new flavor that sibs – as well as those “love-them-like-a-brother/sister” friends – can share.

The week-long, Buy One-Get One Free Slurpee drink event begins Monday, April 10, and ends Sunday, April 16. Any size Slurpee cup is eligible at participating 7-Eleven stores.

Customers who buy any size or flavor Slurpee drink can receive a second Slurpee drink free. The free Slurpee drink can be the same size as purchased or smaller.

Available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores, the featured Slurpee flavor during the BOGO is the first ever Trolli-branded Slurpee flavor – Pineapple Lime. As part of the first Trolli flavor promotion, 7-Eleven stores rolled out Trolli Sour Brite Sloths gummy candy. With arms that link, the sour sloths can hang around before being devoured.

“A lot of siblings share Slurpee drinks while growing up, and it’s a fun summertime childhood memory,” said Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand innovation. “With this weeklong Buy One-Get One promotion, brothers, sisters and BFFS can share the Slurpee love, whether they’re kids or adult kids remembering how much fun it was – and is – to share a Slurpee drink.”

Part of the Slurpee fun is capturing the experience with photos and sharing it on social media. 7-Eleven is using the hashtag #SlurpeeBOGO so Slurpee fans can share their experience on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (username: REALLYSLURPEE).

“A Slurpee always tastes better when it is shared with someone else,” Gordon added. “Our customers must think so because many bring family and friends with them when they stop by for a Slurpee drink. Not only are they sharing a Slurpee, they’re making memories they can share for a lifetime.”

During the Buy One-Get One Free Slurpee drink event, both the purchased and free Slurpee drinks count toward the 7Rewards “Buy Six, Get the Seventh Free” drink offer available on the 7-Eleven smartphone app.

To participate in the 7Rewards® program, customers must use 7‑Eleven’s mobile app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play, and register as a member. The member’s unique, scannable barcode and digital punch card are located on the app’s home screen for easier use.