TGI Fridays – place and complete online orders via Amazon Alexa and Amazon Pay

TGI Fridays fans across the country are now able to place an order or make a reservation using just their voice. Fridays designed and developed an Alexa skill that is rolling out nationwide and allows users to quickly make reservations, place a To-Go order, and even pay their bill. Starting today, the new skill will be available at participating Fridays restaurants and across the country by 2018, bringing ease and convenience to the ordering experience. With the Amazon Pay integration, Alexa customers can easily use the payment information already in their Amazon account when they want to place their Fridays order.

Fridays take-out sales have grown by 30 percent since launching online ordering in 2016, providing guests with the option to experience Fridays anywhere. With the launch of the new Alexa skill, users can place and pay for their Fridays order using Amazon Pay on their Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

By ordering through Alexa, guests can access the full menu and exclusive online offers, like Fridays new Big Ribs for only $12.99. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enable the Fridays skill by searching for the skill in the Alexa app or Alexa skills store and selecting
    the “Enable Skill” option.
  2. When you’re ready to place an order or make a reservation, say “Alexa, open Fridays.”
  3. Once in the Fridays skill, the user can say, “place order” to place a Fridays To-Go order or “reserve a table”
    to make a reservation at their local restaurant. The user will then be prompted through the process of placing
    an order or making a reservation. Can’t decide which side you want? Alexa will recommend three side options for each entrée based on food pairings decided by Fridays executive chefs.
  4. For even more Fridays fun, once in the skill try asking, “do you like ribs?” or “what day is it?”
    and see how Alexa responds. Have fun and discover for yourself.

In addition to the new capabilities through Amazon Alexa, Fridays offers several ways for guests to place an online order, including an easy re-order option on the Amazon app, a “chatbot” on Facebook and Twitter messenger, or the “order now” button on Facebook.

The Fridays skill for Amazon Alexa is available starting November 29, enabling customers to place a carry out order or make a reservation at select TGI Fridays restaurants. For more information, visit