Domino’s Enhances Ordering Capabilities for Amazon Alexa Skill

Domino’s Pizza was the first pizza company to launch a pizza ordering skill on Amazon Alexa last year. Now Domino’s is expanding this skill to offer a customized ordering experience with no saved account or previous order necessary. Ordering Domino’s with Alexa is now even easier and more robust!

Domino’s is giving customers a more advanced and easy-to-use ordering process through Amazon Alexa. Now anyone can place any Domino’s order with Alexa – no Pizza Profile or saved order is needed! (PRNewsfoto/Domino’s Pizza)

Anyone can place an order for Domino’s with Alexa by saying, “Alexa, open Domino’s.” Once in the Domino’s skill, the customer will be guided through the ordering process, from building a pizza to placing an order. Customers who ask for a deal can receive 20 percent off every menu-priced item in their order.

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