Utah Fishing: Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo

Nothing beats good advice when you’re looking for a great day of fishing. Now, Utahns can simply ask a personal digital assistant for some of the best advice from the state’s best experts. Today, the Division of Wildlife Resources announced the launch of the Utah Fishing Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo. The Alexa skill gives full fishing reports for fishing spots across the state of Utah.

“It’s incredibly fun to play with,” said David Fletcher, Utah Chief Technology Officer. “But then it becomes clear that it is a great tool to learn about some of Utah’s best fishing holes.”

Utah Fishing will help anglers find the best fishing spots across the state. The Alexa skill tells fisherman the status at the Utah fishing spots, the conditions, bait that has been working, and what species are biting. The reports are updated regularly by local experts who have the best information.

“If you’ve ever had a friend that kept you up-to-date on fishing hotspots, that’s what it’s like,” said Mike Fowlks, Division of Wildlife Resources’ Interim Director. “Except you have all the expertise of the DWR.”

To use the Alexa skill users simply:

  • Tell Alexa to enable Utah Fishing
  • Ask, “Alexa, open Utah Fishing.”
  • Then say, “Alexa, what’s the fishing report for Strawberry Reservoir?”

Or any of the 148 fishing spots cataloged in the Alexa skill.

For an interactive fishing reports map visit: https://wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots/

To learn more visit Utah.Gov