Top Hacks for Finding Cheap Airfare –

With a name like, it’s safe to say the online travel agency knows a thing or two about finding great deals on airfare. Just in time for peak travel season, CheapOair is sharing its top hacks for how consumers can save on travel this summer.

Be flexible with your travel dates
While there are many different theories about what days of the week have the cheapest fares, CheapOair has found that flexibility is the most important factor to finding the best prices. By giving yourself a window of a few days for your departure or return flight (or even both), you may be able to save quite a bit of money, as fares can vary day by day. CheapOair helps consumers find the most affordable travel dates by automatically finding the lowest airfare within a certain window of dates that the customer is searching for. Check out the site’s Flexible Dates tab for the best options.

Look for two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip ticket
Booking two one-way flights rather than booking one round-trip ticket can occasionally result in a cheaper airfare. This tactic will require a more dedicated search and some math to find a pair of flights that will in fact save you money. When booking one-way tickets, don’t forget to factor in additional costs for amenities like baggage, seat selection, or meals. Some airlines include these fees in the fare while others may charge separately for them. CheapOair’s proprietary algorithms assist with finding one-way segments by pairing flights from airlines that you wouldn’t typically see together.

Consider a longer layover
When you first conduct a flight search you may notice that tickets with the absolute lowest prices tend to be the ones with longer layovers. Many travelers today treat a layover as part of the trip and use it as an opportunity to explore a new place. Some airlines such as Icelandic Air, Aer Lingus, and Emirates encourage passengers to “stopover” and sometimes even offer special incentives to passengers such as free tours, hotels, or meals for layovers longer than [a few hours].

Pay attention to email promotions and subscribe to Fare Alerts
Subscribing to email and app alerts from airlines and online travel agencies like can lead to great deals. If you are looking for a specific route, you can set a fare alert that will send you an email or push notification when the price for that route goes down. Monitoring your email for travel deals can be painful, especially when email inboxes are constantly bombarded with promotions from every place you’ve ever shopped. However, travel promotions are worth looking at, especially if you are in the market for a ticket. Airlines are known for having flash sales that will put fares on sale for a very short period. If you aren’t alerted of the sale, you may not even know it ever happened.

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