2018 Color and Design Trends from Dunn-Edwards Paints

Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its 2018 Color and Design Trends Report, featuring five color palettes with an emphasis on Celebrations – of memories, natural wonders, the stars and unknown, life’s adventures and childhood joys.

To predict what will be trending next year, blogger and Dunn-Edwards color expert Sara McLean looks at the big picture of the many influences that drive color and design trends – everything from world events, lifestyle, fashion and food to trends in travel, wellness and individuality. Each of the palettes explores the cultural dynamics that drive the trends, along with the colors and textures that bring it to life.

“Trends are inspired by so many sources…from finding happiness in the little things, rebellion and shock values, individuality, adventure and one-of-a-kind experiences,” McLean explains. “Even the increasing infusion of technology influences trends. All these elements provide a wealth of experience for creating a storied, well-lived life.”

Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its 2018 Color and Design Trends Report, featuring five color palettes (PRNewsfoto/Dunn-Edwards)

Trend 1, Memories – A return to the classics of the 1940s French fashion chic, art deco and art nouveau. The color palette evokes a romantic spirit, with a highly stylized design that is luxurious and feminine. People are revisiting traditions and classics and re-creating stories for today’s lifestyles. Colors include blue-greens, lacquer red, dark-brown wood hues and bronzed caramel, lightened with touches of grayish pink and gold.

Trend 2, Natural Wonders – Inspired by nature and innovation, there is a desire to be surrounded by nature without leaving the city. A back-to-basics focus on well-being without giving up modern comforts of city life. Colors are casual with springtime and seaside influences, with coral tones, aquatic blues, and overexposed color with sunny contrasts like salmon, lobster, pebble and ocean.

Trend 3, The Stars – Fantasy experiences increase with the use of virtual and augmented realities. Life is experienced through dreams and imaginations – unnatural nature. Retro, vintage tech is trending, along with futuristic possibilities. Colors are inspired by the exotic and unnatural natural world of fantasy. Pastels are layered with lacquer and glow. The influence of technologically based color creates layers of gloss and bling, with shocking pops of rose, hot pink, dark blue and 1980s retro colors.

Trend 4, Adventures – Through myths, lore and legends, oral storytelling recalls the historical narratives of cultures and people throughout the world. The call to adventure and new worlds are for those who desire to be transported to faraway lands, creating a life filled with personal stories of adventures and lessons. These lush, extravagant colors are found in nature such as reds, emerald greens, amber, lava black, and mystic purple with infusions of lava black, earthy brown, dark reds, blues and purple.

Trend 5, Childhood Joys – Creating a fairytale for one’s life adds joy and pure love of life. It reflects the comfort and routine that allows the child to be free to dream of other worlds with rainbows and laughter; fun and games; and new adventures through picture books, fairy tales, science fiction and fantasy, moral tales and children’s poetry. Colors are chic, sophisticated basics with classics of navy, burgundy, gray and beige, along with near-primaries of blue, green and orange.

“Our 2018 Color and Design Trends report has more than 500 inspirational photos of everything that drives the trends,” she added. “Plus case studies and fabulous designs from around the world.” For more design inspiration and to download the report, please visit the specs+spaces blog on DunnEdwards.com.