57% of Americans are ready to pay more for “Made in USA” products

Intel chips, crayola crayons and post-It notes are all made in America. At one time, most brands were manufactured in the U.S., but lower production costs elsewhere have spurred many companies to offshore their operations. ReportLinker conducted a survey to answer three questions:

● Do American consumers care about the manufacturing origin of a product?

● Would they pay more for a “Made in USA” item?

● Do they prefer to buy “made in USA” products even if it means automating labor and cutting jobs?

Key findings show that:

● 76% of Americans feel concerned by the manufacturing origin of the products they buy

● More than half of Americans say they value local products highly and are willing to pay more for them (57%)

When ranking the products they prefer to buy locally

1. Food comes first with 76%

2. Followed by tools 52%

3. And Beauty and personal care 51%

● 72% say they don’t view automation as a threat and 80% say they will still buy American anyway