Toy Target Inc. Announces the Launch of Two New Brands of Products “MG Series” and “Suzy’s Home”

The international toy manufacturer Toy Target Inc. has today announced that it will be launching two new brands of products in 2017. The new launch is made up of the “MG Series”, a line of personal and business electronics gadgets, and “Suzy’s Home”, consisting of several home decoration products such as LED Candles and Christmas decorations.

With this initiative, and complemented with a special dose of good looking packaging design, Toy Target Inc. has created a more direct link with grown up clients who recognize the Toy Target brand of toys for their children. The inspiration behind this project, its development and launch accurately define Toy Target’s international character and desire for offering quality products in the North American market.

“The launch of the new models of our LED Candles and Plug & Play Electronic gadgets is expected to give consumers a wide array of choice in the new range of products. These new developments highlight our commitment to continuously generate new ideas and designs to the consumer market, not only for children, as we did in the past, but also for their parents,” said Michael Guebenlian, Director of Operations at Toy Target Inc. “Gathering with family and friends during the Christmas holiday season is important to our clients. Celebrating winter festivities at home and enjoying fire safe LED decorative Candles is what our holiday home decoration brand is all about.”

Many of the new LED Candles in Suzy’s Home collection are built with real wax, and their fragrances often connect to good memories and new experiences. Toy Target announced that its cost-effective brands of new products will be available throughout 2017 in-store at select retail locations in the United States and Canada including, but not limited to:

•99 Cent Stores
•Gardian Drugs
•IDA Drugs

and online at as well as