Awesome Little Green Men, blind box collectible toys

Entertainment Inc. (“MGAE”), the world’s leading privately held toy company, launched Awesome Little Green Men™. The new blind box collectible toys, combining humor and battle play with a pop vinyl aesthetic will be available at retail stores nationwide beginning August 1, 2017.

Caleb McLaughlin and fans at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton “battling” with their Awesome Little Green Men.
Photo Credit: Randy Shropshire//Getty Images for MGA Entertainment (PRNewsfoto/MGA Entertainment)

Although small in stature, Awesome Little Green Men’s larger than life expressions lets you know just how serious they are about the mission. With more than 100 unique characters to collect in Series 1, including four super rare figures in the green army and blue army, the new toy is more than a collectible – it’s a game too. General Pain and General Panic lead the troops, and the goal is to build the best squad in order to win the game. Each pint-sized character is a member of a special unit, and all have seriously funny names such as “Private Porkchop,” “Captain Obvious,” “Sergeant Swag.”

Awesome Little Green Men starter packs include four soldiers (SRP $12.99), and each blind box (SRP $3.99) includes one solider, a dog tag with chain, and a new recruit poster. A battle pack with game piece stickers is also available.