Moose Toys’ Shopkins Cutie Cars

Disruption is a key driver for the team at Moose Toys, and the recent launch of Shopkins Cutie Cars is testament to how the company continues to bring innovation to the toy industry.  Shopkins Cutie Cars have created a new segment in the girls’ aisle introducing die cast vehicles packed with personality!

Since launch, the distinctive vehicles have been selling out causing retailers and shoppers alike to scramble for more stock. These cute, collectible cars with names like Choc Chip Racer, Wheely Wishes and Motor Melon are made with real die cast metal which give them weight like classic collectible cars.

“At Moose we have collectibles in our DNA. We are constantly challenging our team to create the next hot toy that will disrupt the market. We know that the ideas we come up with need to be unique, creative and fun, and Shopkins Cutie Cars represent all of those things,” said Paul Solomon, Co-CEO of Moose Toys.

In a market that is more competitive than ever before, brands need to continue to take risks and innovate. These die cast vehicles symbolize Moose’s commitment to the evolution of the category.

The success of the content developed to support the brand further supports the immediate connection Shopkins fans have had with Cutie Cars. The “Dance and Drive” animation has been a YouTube sensation.

There are over 35 vehicles to collect and each has their own personality and their own mini Shopkin. Cutie Cars has already been awarded the Collectible Range Of The Year award from the Australian Toy Association and is being considered a front runner for the coveted Collectible of the Year!