Clash of Queens: PVP Battles Begin

Clash of Queens is an epic SLG, produced by the former group of Clash of Kings of ELEX. The Game is beloved by players for its realistic art design and novice-friendly game play. Player will play as a Lord in medieval Europe, who keeps developing its power and fights for the honor of throne together with an alliance. With the help of real-time translating system, millions of female players from all over the world gather in the game to fight alongside or against each other. Players can form an alliance to provide allies support and develop together, and can also join the Flowers and Battle for the Throne event to become the Queen and lead Kingdoms to great futures.

In the game, Players can sent marching troops to join battle, plunder other players’ resources, thus to enlarge personal territories and powers! Battle is not just about numbers, players need to understand each unit to set up the best formation, they also need to ensure the enhancement of Dragons and Heroes. Know your enemies, scouting target castles before you attack is crucial for the battle! Players can also lead their troops to challenge more powerful enemies in Cross-Server battles. In 2.0 Age of Radiance version, players can even join the Cross-Server battle with their Alliance, to take down Castles and plunder resources, and to claim the Alliance is the best among all servers!

Other than attacking Castles with great tactics, players can also fight to claim resources points, attack monsters, and capture the Dragon’s treasures to obtain EXP and items. A Queen will be granted for each Server. Players can join the Battle for the Throne event to defeat all the other players in the Server to take the throne, then will be granted to be the Queen after successfully defending the throne. The Queen can appoint different official positions, and even rename the Server.

Rich battle game play and various player interaction have always been part of the spotlights of Clash of Queens, splendid battle scene is also a great attraction. Now that the 2.0 Age of Radiance version has been released, Clash of Queens will keep up the game detail optimization and will bring more creative game play, stay tuned for more surprises!

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