CovePDF 1.3, a Free PDF Reader

After the successful launch of the PDF reader in March 2017, and with increased customer demand, CovePDF continues to deliver new product updates while maintaining the simple user experience.

The new version of the CovePDF reader brings with it several organization and editing functionalities, starting from the option to make PDF document revisions, and to organize pages or edit images.

More about the new features in CovePDF 1.3
Compare Documents – visual comparison of PDF documents that places two documents side-by-side and highlights the changes between the referent document and a newer document. This feature also provides a summary report of the number and types of changes that the documents hold.
Organize Pages – combine different files into one PDF or even insert pages or entire files into another document. This feature also allows adjustment of the orientation of the pages, individually by page or all at once.
Edit Images – users can edit images within the PDF document. The editing options include insert, delete, rotate, replace, cut, paste, flip, reposition and resize images for better viewing or printing options.

Pricing and availability
CovePDF reader is freeware and is available for free download from the official website: (version 1.3 is so far only available for Windows).